Our Work

The PenScanner Website design

PenScanner is a product that is used to scan large volumes of content from books and other printed materials to machine readable documents. It’s up to 35x faster than typing. The client was looking for a website that was out of the box and something that shows how the product works at a quick glance.


Coach Oasis coming soon page

CoachOasis is a intuitive and dynamic marketplace that connects you the right coach. Convax was assigned the task of creating a mascot and a coming soon page which covers the over-all feel and colors. We’re glad that the design was featured on some of the famous css/design galleries.

Our goal was to give a warm/desert feel to the design.


PublicBoxes Brand Identity

Brand identity design is something we always love to do and this project was an amazing experience!

PublicBoxes is a self storage business that provides rooms, lockers and containers where customers can store and access their goods. The logo had to be glossy, web2.0 and also had to convey the storage concept clearly. After a couple of attempts with the P & B, this is what we ended up with.


MonCheval Website Design

Moncheval(means “My Horse” in French) is a popular online store that sells riding equipments for horse sports.

We were responsible for the design part of this project. We’ve tried a unique design style for MonCheval. Consistency of the design across the pages was also an important factor.


Public Solutions Brand Identity

Public Solutions is a company that provides financial, branding and marketing solutions for clients from various parts of the world. We came up is a simple typographic logo, using the negative space for “S”.


Group Birdie Mascot Design

Group Birdie is a website that offers consumers major discounts on Golf products. Our task was to design a logo and a mascot that the client could use throughout the website in various areas like email, phone etc. And we made the birdie out of a golf ball!


MonCheval Brand Identity Design

Moncheval(means “My Horse” in French) is an online store that sells riding equipments for horse sports.

The identity represents a horse shoe or a stylized horse foot print made out of the English letters ‘M’ and ‘C’. The objective was to create a strong and clean brand mark which had to be entirely isolated from that of other typical saddleries and carries luxe and equestrian sport spirit.


Gemsetters Website Architecture & Design

Gemsetters is a place where jewelry designers can share their designs and vote on each others designs and ultimately gemsetters will produce,market and sell the top designs. It was a great opportunity for us to apply our skills in designing minimalistic websites and the final outcome was highly appreciated by the client.

The website had to be simple, clean (without clutter) and usable. Brand identity design was the first phase of the project.

We were completely responsible for the UI, visual design and HTML/CSS development.


Gemsetters Brand Identity Design

Gemsetter is a place where designers can submit their designs and ask for feedback from the community. The logo had to be vibrant and dynamic, yet simple.

After doing some basic research we started off with the initial sketches and ended up with a crystal “G” shaped gem. The “truss structure” kind of style along with the purple color suited well for the logo. The logo was also tested on a number of backgrounds.


South Sea Pearls Website Design

SouthSeaPearl.com is an e-commerce website formed out of a desire to combine the power of fabulous designer jewelry with the incredible value of high-quality pearls at wholesale prices provided directly to their clients. The Convax team worked closely with the client to design a clean website that would showcase their world class pearl products to potential customers.

The sea background with a perfect blend of the aqua blue gives a unique experience.


Templatic Brand Identity Design

Templatic is a popular website that sells high quality premium wordpress themes and the new logo is to clearly articulate it’s compelling vision. The logo was created after meticulous research and intends to send right messages to the public. The logo is modern, contemporary, lively, colorful and emphasizes beauty and quality.

The colorful flower in the logo represents beauty and the yellow portion of the flower is a badge that represents the quality of their themes.

The templatic identity was featured on a number of logo galleries including creatticca, logo pond, logo gala and logo fury.

Templatic Logo Design

Twibies Gallery Design & Development

Twibies is a gallery that features the best free twitter icons, themes and other twitter freebies. It’s another initiative from the Convax team to help out the designer community. Twibies runs on wordpress and the theme was completely built from scratch.

Twibies is exclusively for designers who are looking out for twitter freebies and it leaves no reason to search for or bookmark twitter icon roundups anymore! Twibies is the one stop solution for you. Twibies lets the designers choose the file format of icons. So if they are looking for a psd icon, all they need to do is choose Photoshop(PSD) from the dropdown. It’s as simple as that!

A simple, easy to use interface along with some awesome icons, makes it the best twitter icon gallery.


APA Center website redesign project

The Austin Psychology & Assessment Center (or ApaCenter) provides a broad range of psychological services to children, adolescents and adults in Austin & Central Texas. The task was to re-brand APA Center. The colors chosen where tones of green and beige, but we had to also make sure that it doesn’t give a typical SPA feel.

We started off with the identity. The old one was quite out-dated and hence the client was looking for a new identity to represent their brand while maintaining the “rising sun” concept from the previous version.

The old website was static HTML, but the new one is built upon wordpress, which is much more easier for the client to maintain and to add new pages.


You Shop & We Give User Interface design

YouShopandWeGive is a shopping comparison site where a portion of the lead revenue is given to charity. The site has a “How it works” graphic on the top to convey the idea of the site to the user regardless of the page they are on. The intent of the site was to be obvious to users reaching product detail or result pages on the site directly from search engine results.

The site has a very prominent search bar on the top as to make it easy for the users to search for products they are interested in.

The clients description of their preference was a web 2.0 slightly cartoony style using lighter shades and nice icons.